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Personalized Speech and Language Therapy Meet The Dramatic Arts

When you decide to put your communication development in the hands of The Dramatic SLP, it immediately becomes the number one priority. From simple to complex issues, each person is treated using person-centered therapy to guarantee the most fun and connective outcomes.



Ever since starting my career in Speech Language Pathology, it has been my dream to incorporate the dramatic arts and language development. As a professional entertainer in the Orlando area, I wanted to generate new ways of brining language to life in fun and interactive ways that target goals, develop social skills and incorporate play-based imaginative treatment methods. Your child will have the chance to gain social and language skills while incorporating music, drama, fun and play.

Why The Dramatic SLP

I AM: I am a professional dramatic arts performer in the Orlando area, a driven and hard-working Speech Language Pathologist, an inspirational and dynamic leader, imaginative storyteller and creator, and a person-centered therapist. 

MY CLIENTS ARE: I view my clients as talented people who enjoy imagination-based play, performing, and storytelling while challenging daily communication norms. My clients are people who carry a diagnosis that is considered "neurodivergent". My goal is to develop the gifts of neurodivergence through the art of performance while combining evidence-based practice treatment methods from the field of Speech Language Pathology.

I GIVE / I OFFER:  I give and offer hope and connection for those who have struggled to find the appropriate treatment for their child.


I BELIEVE: I believe all forms of communication are more valuable than using just one form, expressive language. I believe in the importance of "story catching" and listening to clients to develop ways of communicating over the simple instruction of language. I believe my clients are creative performers, and story tellers who benefit from a therapist who listens and reflects their communication style to develop communication goals for functional communication in the everyday environment. I believe in the power of imagination. I believe the world is a better place when my clients are uniquely themselves. I believe in listening to my clients and not just their words. I believe when clients experience group integration, they develop a stronger desire to communicate. I believe the sense of belonging derived from the group settings sparks client connection and desire to engage with the world around us. I believe in incorporating evidence-based practices in new, fun ways by utilizing dramatic and imaginative based play.


Book a One-On-One Speech Therapy Service

Book a one on one speech therapy service with The Dramatic SLP


We Rock The Spectrum- Kissimmee Location Classes

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Wooden Drum

What is "Drumming for Self Expression?"

Welcome to the very first Drumming course designed specifically for children with varying abilities taught by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Briana Falgiano, M.S. SLP!
I have created a music and drumming course for those with diagnoses such as autism, Down Syndrome and more. This course was designed based on several elements of research to generate a group that supports central nervous system safety through the use of drumming, music, and drumming games to create productive environments for language development and self expression for all skill levels! The course will run with games and activities such as:

1. emotional drumming 
2. guessing games
3. speech patterns matched with drumming 
4. call and response games to teach conversational turn taking
5. books and literacy combined with drumming 

And so much more!

The groups will be held  Wednesdays at 4:30-5:15 PM at We Rock The Spectrum Gym in Kissimmee FL (1080 Kevstin Dr, Kissimmee FL).

We cant wait to have you!

Core Values

What I believe In

1. Communication AND Language- I value the theory of listening to connect. I believe non-verbal communication and body language as a valid form of communication and should be developed and explored. 

2. Person-Centered Therapy- I prioritize building self-worth and confidence through consistent validation and individualized approaches.

3. Dramatic and Imagination-Based Play- Play as a valued and evidence-based part of the SLP Model, prioritizing fun and play 

4. Innovative Approach to Evidence-based practices- I value taking evidence-based practices and applying them in a new way. I believe in applying evidence-based practices to an imaginative-play therapy setting. 

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