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Purpose Statement

The Purpose of The Dramatic SLP is to integrate imagination-based play and theatrical drama into the Speech Language Pathology setting in order to inspire clients to practice and apply functional communication skills in everyday environments and establish meaningful connections with others and themselves.

Drive In Concert

The Legacy

The aim is to integrate a change in how we treat kids and families. I want to see a change in the field of Speech Language Pathology in how we view clients and families- as people with valid communication wants and needs who have a voice to be heard. I wish to see a change in the overall ideas of different forms of communication viewed as acceptable, such as the use of drama, visual art, dancing, singing and laughing as valid forms of communication. I wish to shift the standard view of  Speech Language Pathology  from "teacher" and "student" to "story-catchers" and "storytellers". I wish to promote and provide a break from the standard SLP treatment method by incorporating evidence- based practice methods into the performing arts setting and imagination-based play setting.  I want to make speech therapy fun, engaging and beneficial for all.

The Mission

The mission is to Incorporate thematic/dramatic play and imagination as valid treatment methods in Speech Language Pathology practices. I want to teach the world how to listen to what our clients are saying while developing positive connections with clients and themselves. I want to emphasize the importance of "language-productive" environments, which are safe places for the central nervous system to appropriately learn language while providing helpful language input to support communication development across the lifespan. I want to see a shift from the emphasis being placed on language development to the purpose of language, which is to develop strong connections with self and others.

Empty Theater

The Dream

The dream is to establish and create my own theater which is supportive of all those with varying needs. I dream of the day Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and so many others can operate from an entertainment based facility. I dream this facility would be complete with a theater, lighting, technical equipment, sound equipment, costuming, and so much more to teach functional skills in a fun setting. I dream of a place for our client's voices to be heard and a stage for them to share their stories. To find out how you can be involved, please click the link below!

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