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Aimee Lipps

“Briana you are genuinely amazing! I feel that every aspect of the princess class is perfect! (Child’s name) has honestly benefitted so much from being around the other kids and has fun while learning vital skills! She did her wave at Disney and has been introducing herself to strangers. I am so grateful that you have taken the initiative to help our kiddos! It means the world to the parents!”

Nicole Beleck

"Thank you for offering such an amazing class! I feel like it gives these kids an opportunity to have a voice."


"Wow I am impressed thank you, I totally agree that traditional ST would not be as productive as the “connection” concept.  I was a little concerned about that but knowing what you do at Drama Club I figured you were coming from a different mindset and I was right. I have good instincts but then again I’ve been at this for 39 years."
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